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Friday, December 02, 2011

Yoga Retreats Costa Rica December 2011

If you are hunting the Internet for Yoga Retreats Costa Rica December 2011, the time has arrived. You don't have much time to decide and book a space. Plus, you really have no idea what you are getting until you arrive.

You could find accommodations to be 4 or 5 Star or you could find them to be 0 Stars. Unless you know the facility, you''re playing "yoga roulette" - which is a form of Russian Roulette played by yoga teachers.

One way to make the best decision on Yoga Retreats Costa Rica in December 2011 is to follow recognized names in the yoga world who return to the same resort again and again. In this way, no only are you assured of a great practice every day, you are also assured of a safe, quality resort.

Shiva Rea is one of the foremost yoginis in the world today. Her trademarked Prana Flow Yoga integrates movement, dance, and asana. Her DVDs are viewed by hundreds of thousands of yoga students all around the world.

Each year, in December and January, Shiva forms a surfing / yoga retreat in Costa Rica. For Shiva, surfing and yoga are inter-related as both deal with balance and flow. Here are the details about Shiva's yoga retreat in Costa Rica in December 2011 and January 2012.

December 24 – January 1
January 1 – January 7

Shiva & Friends in Costa Rica to Ring in the New Year!

Bring on the New Year with a transformational yogadventure retreat to Nosara, Costa Rica where the jungle meets the ocean. Nosara is a world-class surf spot where the power of the warm, clear healing ocean is the primordial teacher. Enjoy the magic of each day with optional activities ranging from surfing, transformational yoga, sunset horseback riding, to zipping down the longest, most exhilarating canopy in the world! Whether you are an experienced surfer, have always wanted to surf, or just want to go deeper into fluid power vinyasa with Shiva, we will enter the Full Moon New Year in an empowering and rejuvenating rhythm of living yoga, healing relaxation, and liberating play.

Blue Spirit Retreat

Blue Spirit Retreat in Costa Rica provides an exceptional setting to all who are dedicated to spiritual transformation, personal development, and environmental sustainability.

Perched on a peninsula overlooking the Pacific Ocean and a three-mile long white sand beach that is protected as a turtle refuge - Blue Spirit Retreat offers an extraordinarily beautiful and natural setting on one of Costa Rica's finest beaches, allowing for your retreats, workshops, and trainings to be a deeply nurturing and unforgettable experience.

Located in Nosara on the northwest coast of Costa Rica, Blue Spirit Retreat is remote yet accessible; we are only a two-hour-drive from the Liberia International Airport, which has frequent daily flights from all over the United States and Canada. Once you arrive, you will find yourself worlds away in a region renowned for its spectacular scenery, excellent restaurants, local cultural events, and an international community that gives the region a vibrantly creative and peaceful atmosphere - a combination you won't find anywhere else in Costa Rica or perhaps the entire Western hemisphere.

You can find out more about Shiva Rea's Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica in December 2011 by going here

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Kindle Fire, Nook, or iPad2: Which Is Best?

A lot of Christmas shoppers are looking at tablet computers this year and they are asking themselves the question: Kindle Fire, Nook, or iPad2: Which Is Best? People certainly are comparing features and price. Millions of Kindle Fires, Nooks, and iPads have already been sold. But since people aren't sure what they should be looking for, The LA Times decided to summarize which one was best.

Kindle Fire, Nook, or iPad2: Which Is Best?

The iPad, the heavyweight champ of the tablet world, has summarily knocked out every challenger it has faced since it debuted last year.

The defeated include tablets with names including Xoom, PlayBook, TouchPad, G-Slate and Streak, none of which has grabbed more than a tiny sliver of the $10-billion tablet market over which the iPad reigns.

But now a pair of new lighter-weight contenders are aiming to hit Apple Inc. where it hurts: the price tag. Inc.'s $199 Kindle Fire and the $249 Nook Tablet from Barnes & Noble Inc. retail for less than half the cost of the lowest-priced iPad and are undercutting the prices of nearly every brand-name tablet on the market. If the companies are successful, analysts say, they may be able to put the devices in the hands of millions who have felt that $500 was too much to spend on a tablet.

"These two companies are going to start proving that there's a media tablet market, not just an iPad market," said Tom Mainelli, a mobile device analyst at research firm IDC. "Now that some of these devices cost $200, it really throws it open to the mainstream."

But the lower cost of these devices comes with a series of trade-offs. The Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet have smaller screens — only 7 inches compared with the iPad's more spacious 10 inches — and their speed and handling are more like an economy sedan than the high-performance sports car feel of the iPad. Their batteries don't last as long as the iPad's, they have no option for cellular connections, and the catalog of applications they support is substantially smaller than Apple's.

It bears remembering, in fact, that the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet are descended from slower electronic readers — simple devices that do little more than display the text of books that users download from an online store. In that sense, the tablets improve on earlier e-readers, adding access to the Internet and social networks and the ability to listen to music, watch online videos from Netflix and Hulu and send email.

"For users looking to simply read books, watch movies, listen to music and play the occasional game, the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet are perfect candidates that will not create a big dent in their pockets," said Walter Galan, an analyst at San Luis Obispo-based iFixit. "But for those looking for a full-fledged tablet, the iPad is probably a better choice in the long run."

If you're considering a tablet, then, it's a simple cost-benefit analysis: Do you need all the fancy features and screen real estate of the more expensive iPad, or can you get by with a smaller, slightly slower tablet with a palette of more basic functions, and pocket the difference?

So if you've been asking the question Kindle Fire, Nook, or iPad2: Which Is Best? you now have the information to make an intelligent choice. So far, my experience is that if I was looking for a Tablet computer, I would choose the iPad2. But if I was looking for a content device for reading and video, the Amazon Kindle Fire wins hands down.

You can get your own Amazon Kindle Fire right here:


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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Amazon Hires Thousands For Holiday Season

Nevada is one of the areas hardest hit by the recession. But today, had a terrific announcement. Amazon Hires Thousands For Holiday Season.

The article published in Marketwatch tells the inside story., Inc. AMZN -1.19% today announced that it is seeking to hire thousands of temporary positions at its Fernley and Las Vegas, Nevada fulfillment centers for the holiday season.

Hourly openings are available for temporary positions in Picking, Packing and Receiving/Shipping across multiple shifts. Eligible applicants must be able to stand and walk during 8-12 hour shifts and lift up to 50 pounds.

"We're looking to hire smart and motivated people across the U.S. to help us deliver a great experience for our customers during the holiday season," said Dave Clark, vice president of Amazon's North American Operations.

Amazon hires thousands of temporary employees each year to manage variation in customer demand and as a way of finding high-quality full-time employees. Over the past 12 months, Amazon has converted more than 4700 temporary associates into full-time employees.

The fact that Amazon Hires Thousands For the Holiday Season is really good news for the Las Vegas economy. They can really use some good news.


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Monday, June 15, 2009

Harlan Kilstein

We are happy to announce that Harlan Kilstein has completed all the requirements for certification for his yoga teaching certificate.

He has completed all the required readings and class work in excess of the 200 hours for the Yoga Alliance certification.

Harlan Kilstein studied yoga at Kripalu in Lenox, Mass. with a variety of yoga teachers.

You can follow Harlan Kilstein at

Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Odd Couple - Yogini and Marketer

Hi Yoga Teacher,

Sometimes being a student of yoga is so frustrating.
Sara my teacher keeps telling me to be patient. But
it sooo hard.

My employees used to joke that if you looked up the word
"multi-tasking" in the dictionary, you'd see my name as
the definition.

That's why yoga was so hard for me. Putting my brain
[and my ego] in park was very difficult.

Fortunately, I was putty is Sara's patient hands.

And while Sara's been working with me, I've been coaching
her business.

Last week, she had a three thousand dollar week. And
this week, she may do even better.

So the odd couple journeyed to the San Francisco Yoga
Journal Conference.

I was teaching a marketing conference at the same time
so I only got to attend Thursday and Friday.

I attended all day sessions on Thursday with Rodney Yee
and on Friday with David Swenson.

Sara and I saw the same conference but through different eyes.

She saw beauty and technique.

She saw mastery and creativity.

I saw a business explosion happening.

In the sales mart, anything that wasn't nailed down sold.

Clothing, books, DVD's, water bottles. If there was
a price tag on it - it sold.

And that is good news for yoga teachers.

Because the market is growing by the day.

Have you been by our site recently?

We've posted a video on how to get private clients at zero cost.

There's a new article posted.

And please join us in the forum to get your
yoga marketing questions answered.


Harlan and Sara

Our Yoga Videos Are Ready


We are delighted to report we have posted two important videos
to help you grow as a yoga teacher.

You are welcome to view these videos. They are viewed best on
a high speed connection (DSL or Cable) but will work (slowly)
on a telephone dial up.

One video explains our site

The other video offers a relatively unknown marketing method my partner Sara
is using which has pulled in many clients and thousands of dollars
in revenue.

Once you've seen the videos, register and participate in our forum
for yoga teachers.

(You are receiving this because you are already on our email list.)

Enjoy the videos.

Om Shanti Shanti Om.

Harlan Kilstein

Let's Build Your Yoga Business

It's Sara and Harlan from

We want to thank you for signing up for our newsletter.

We'd like to wish you a Happy New Year and pray this year
is filled with light, love, health, prosperity, and peace for everyone
in your life.

Our promise to you is to help you market your yoga business.

We have a number of proven ways you can grow your yoga business
and achieve true balance in your life.

Next week, we are going to release our first video showing you
a great new way to find clients who want to learn yoga.

The first time Sara used this strategy, her phone didn't stop
ringing with people wanting private lessons.

And here's the best part - it won't cost you a dime.

So get ready and excited.

While you are waiting for the video, we have started our

We invite you to come to our site
and go to the forum section.

So far, we have some welcome posts but our forum will grow - with
your help.

If you have any questions at all about marketing your yoga business,
please share them on the forum.

We are expecting to post several articles in the next few days
and hope they will help you grow.

Still to come...

Sara does some really nice work during Savasana and we expect to post
some recordings to the site so you can adapt them for your own work
or listen to them at the end of your yoga practice.

We look forward to serving you.


Sara and Harlan

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Build Your Yoga Business

Harlan's story:

I knew my body was in bad shape when I began taking yoga lessons. Getting into some of those poses was quite a challenge. But a bigger challenge was turning off my mind during yoga. Heck, my friends used to tell me that if you looked up the word "multi-tasking" in the dictionary, you'd find my name down as one of the definitions.

In my early yoga lessons, I remember how difficult it was to focus only on the positions. Sara tried repeatedly to get me back to the yoga but I was hopeless (I thought.) She was more patient and knew in time, yoga would work its magic.

My office is filled with marketing books. Everywhere you look there are books present. Sara would position me in ways I couldn't see the books and get distracted by them. So I had to go to take an extreme act to multi - task; I began to ask Sara about her yoga business.

Boy was I shocked with what I discovered. Stay tuned and I'll tell you more about it.